Leuven Gymkhana 3.0

With the aims of triggering dialogues regarding the food governance system in Leuven, and reconnecting actors and initiatives in the food strategy, a new semester of IASP 2021 classes kicked off.

Online meeting planning the #LeuvenGymkhana 3.0 by the new IASP team

A further build-up from the previous #LeuvenGymkhana action and research interventions, the new Leuven Gymkhana team is making its contribution to governance innovation and achieving healthy and sustainable food for all in Leuven with the making and public presentation of the “(Un)Common Ground” documentary. In this movie we’re gathering different perspectives from actors involved in Leuven’s Food Strategy with the aim to restore a broad debate about how to achieve sustainable and healthy food for all.

Don’t miss the Premiere event organized by the #LeuvenGymkhana 3.0 team on January 29th 2022 @ Hal5, where we all can cooperate towards a common ground for transforming the future of Leuven’s food system!

Don’t forget to register before we’re sold-out!

If you will not be around in Leuven but don’t want to miss the première, register to join us online filling in this form: