Welcome to the #LeuvenGymkhana

The #LeuvenGymkhana is a hybrid online-offline action and research event in Leuven open for everyone to participate. It moves around several locations in the city that represent and visualise some of the relevant actors and issues related to the food system and food strategy of Leuven (Food Connects), integrated in the Leuven 2030 roadmap’s program on sustainable and healthy food.  

Its objective is to share and discuss perspectives, ideas, and challenges about ensuring healthy, local and affordable food all in Leuven.

Do you want to know how it went so far? Check the video report developed by participants of LeuvenGymkhana 2.0!!


The #LeuvenGymkhana 1.0 was organised between December 2020 and January 2021 as a treasure hunt including more than 30 posters shared online and in 13 strategic locations in Leuven. It was the outcome of a collective exercise developed by 14 advanced Masters’s students and researchers from KU Leuven as a part of the Institutional Aspects of Spatial Planning (IASP) course, taught in the Departments of Architecture and Earth and Environmental Sciences at KU Leuven. 

The IASP team developed an atlas collecting the main discoveries, statements, and questions found about the development and governance of the food strategy of Leuven. Each page of the atlas was also a poster hung around the city.

Following the #LeuvenGymkhana, we compiled everyone’s reactions and the results of our collective research and shared them in an online event on 22 January 2021. Such event took the shape of a webinar in which, apart from the IASP students, different actors and stakeholders related to the food strategy, Leuven 2030, and governance in the city shared their views and debated on the said topics.


In the next semester, a new group of students from the International Module in Spatial Development Planning (IMSDP) took over the work advanced by IASP and has moved on to the #LeuvenGymkhana 2.0. This time, the gymkhana was organised as a 3 thematic free guided tours and collective conversations between 17 and 22 May 2021 organised by the IMSDP team in collaboration with several actors and initiatives involved in the food system and the food strategy of Leuven. The objective of the event is to share and discuss perspectives, ideas, and challenges about ensuring healthy, local and affordable food all in Leuven.

The guided tours were ended in a closing party on 22 May at Boerencompagnie, where the participants and representatives from the City of Leuven, Leuven 2030, and Alderman David Dessers had an insightful discussion on the findings, and celebrated their ideas to move forward in the implementation of the food strategy.


With the aims of triggering dialogues regarding the food governance system in Leuven, and reconnecting actors and initiatives in the food strategy, a new semester of IASP 2021 classes kicked off.

Building-up onthe previous action and research interventions, the LeuvenGymkhana 3.0 team is interviewing key actors in Leuven’s Food Strategy to make the “(Un)Common Ground” documentary. The movie will be premiered on 29 January 2022 at Hal5 (Leuven).

Book your seat before we are sold-out and participate in the effort of finding a common ground for food governance innovation in Leuven!